Monday, 28 September 2009

Music Magazine

The main piece of work I have to produce this year is a music magazine on a genre of my choice, which is produced completly from scratch. The magazine will consist of a front cover, and a contents page as well as a feature article. Before I start my magazine I will carry out extensive reseach and planning in order to make it the best magazine it can possibly be. Along the way I will blog my progress so that you can see what I am doing.

School Magazine Contents

The inspiration for my contents page was taken from an excisting womens magazine. I again contiued to use the scheme of school colours. Underneath the photos are some of the main stories that appear in the magazine along with the corresponding page numbers so that readers can easily find the story they are interested in.

School Magazine Cover

This is what my final front cover looks like. I choose to use the school colours so that the magazine reflects aspects of the school. All of the photos I have used I took myself and then cut out or resized on photoshop to fit them on the page. The hooks for the stories are important because it lets people know a little bit about what they can expect to read about without even opening the magazine.

School Magazine

My first task is to create the front cover and contents page of a new school magazine. I will make it fun and appealing showing interesting stories which would not neccessarily be covered by a school magazine (e.g. not all education related.)