Monday, 11 January 2010

Flat Plans

These are the flat plans which i drew before I created my magazine to see if the layout would look good:

Front Cover

Final Draft
This is the third draft of my cover.
-I have used colour balance, hue/saturation and brightness to change the complection of my models. I think that this brightens up the cover greatly and makes the models look happier.
-I also used selctive colour to adapt the colour of their faces further.
-The price i decided to set my magazine at was £2.50 this is becuase it is within the preferred price range that I found from my questionaire for my target audience.
-Changing the photo was my main aim in my third draft and I feel that I have now achieved that successfully.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Front Cover

Second Draft
This is my second draft of my cover.
-This time i have used a new photo which is alot clearer and fits the page better.
-I have added the text and put drop shadow on it to make it stand out more on the page and therefore easier to read.
-I chose to used pinks and purples as my colour scheme becuase the magazine is amied at young women and these are stereotypically feminine colours.
-The main photo has larger text underneath it than the other hooks to show that it is the feature article in the magazine.
-The text 'Miss-Fits' has a drop shadow, outer glow, bevel and emboss, as well as gradiet overlay. I did this so that it would empahsize the text and make it one of the frist things the consumer would look at on the page.
-I decided that by advertising winning tickets to see Beyonce Live at the O2 would attract more readers, its also a common convention of popular magazine to give a free gift or competition on the cover.
-By moving the barcode to the bottom of the page it detracts attention away from it meaing people will focus more on the other stories on the cover.
-All of the writing has drop shadow to make it appear bolder on the page and therefore easier to read.
Although this photo is much better than the first one I still feel it isnt bright enough which is why I will adapt in on my third cover.

Front Cover

First Draft
This is my first draft of my front cover. I decided that I did not want to use it becuase:
- The pose the models are in looks arkward.
-The white backgroud drowns out the colour of their skin.
-The image is not of a high enough quality.
Although I never finished desiging the cover to see what it would look like with all of the other text on, I felt it would have been a waste of time to do so since that main image was not right. In my next draft I will concentrate on using the right image and bringing it all together with hooks and stories to fill the page up.

Contents Page

Final Draft

-My original idea for the top half of my contents page was to have a annotated version of my front cover telling people a little bit more about what was inside.

-However when i thought about it i decided it wouldn't look very good, so decided to go with an editors letter instead.

-The letter is in a simple arial text to make it easy to read.

-I cropped the photo of the editor and adjusted the curves to make it brighter.