Friday, 25 February 2011

Soundtrack Change

Now that our filming is complete and we have started editing our orginal choice of a soundtrack, Hysteria by Muse does not quite fit so we have decided to change it to Space Dementia also by muse.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Update of Filming

We are nearing the end of our filming with just a few more shots from the torture scene to get.
However we have encountered a massive problem the forest area we have been using to film is being chopped down and houses would now be visible in any shots that we took which obviously is not good. We are currently looking for a new location to shoot the final scenes in that will fit with the rest of the film and not interfere with continuity.

Friday, 4 February 2011


As we are now quite far through our filming process there have been alot of fun mistakes make that we thought we would share with you be creating a short outtakes video.

Typical audience

The main viewing audience for horror films are mid teens so around 15 up to early 20's. For this reason the rating for our film will be a 15, so not to alienate a large proportion of our target audience.

I took a member of pur target audience and asked them a few questions to found out a little bit about what attracts them to films:

NAME: Rachael Mcintyre
AGE: 18
OCCUPATION: Sports student and works part time in a restuarant
AVERAGE WAGE: £400 per month
ENJOYS: Socialing with friends, going to the cinema, competing in sporting competitions
WHAT MAKES YOU WANT TO GO AND SEE A FILM? The trailer is always so important in making me decide to go see a film as well as a good soundtrack.
WHY WOULD A TRAILER PUT YOU OFF SEEING A FILM? If it gave too much away i wouldnt bother going to see it because i could proberbly guess what was going to happen anyway. I like to be left wondering.


These are the original storyboard plans for our trailer. I have just drawn out the equalibrium part because the torture scenes will change as and when we think we have a good idea so I havnt draw those out yet.


As well as directing I am also in charge of making sure that the continuity is correct throughout our trailer.

  • Cointinuity is a system that was developed in the early 20th century to allow a clear and continuous movement of events/images in a film. It refers to the final structure of a completed film with evetns or scenes/sequences which have been arranged as if they have occured continuously when, they have in fact, all been shot out sequence.
  • Continuity also refers to a film that is self consistent without any errors.

This is a trailer I have found on youtube showing some of the worlds biggest films with continuity errors.