Friday, 4 February 2011

Typical audience

The main viewing audience for horror films are mid teens so around 15 up to early 20's. For this reason the rating for our film will be a 15, so not to alienate a large proportion of our target audience.

I took a member of pur target audience and asked them a few questions to found out a little bit about what attracts them to films:

NAME: Rachael Mcintyre
AGE: 18
OCCUPATION: Sports student and works part time in a restuarant
AVERAGE WAGE: £400 per month
ENJOYS: Socialing with friends, going to the cinema, competing in sporting competitions
WHAT MAKES YOU WANT TO GO AND SEE A FILM? The trailer is always so important in making me decide to go see a film as well as a good soundtrack.
WHY WOULD A TRAILER PUT YOU OFF SEEING A FILM? If it gave too much away i wouldnt bother going to see it because i could proberbly guess what was going to happen anyway. I like to be left wondering.

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