Friday, 26 November 2010


My main role within the making of the horror trailer is director, to ensure that I fullfill my role properly I have researched into what is expected of me.

  • The main role of a director is to guide the actors and crew throughout the making of a film as well as being in control of the films artistic and dramatic aspects.

  • They work will all of the other team members to ensure that the film looks right including helping decide upon camera angles, lighting, and set design.

The 180 degree rule is something which is very important while directing a film. It is a basic guideline that two characters in the same scene should always have the same right/left relationship to eachother. This just makes it easier for the viewing audience and means that the scene looks better. If the camera closses this imaginary 180 degree line it is called the crossing line and turns into a reverse angles shot. This information will be useful for me when directing the filming of our trailer and will make things look more prefessional.