Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Blender Magazine

Blender is another popular music magazine it covers a wide range of music, the name blender suggests that there is a mixture of lots of different genres. Most celebrities which appear on the cover are attractive female artists. They use this because a theory created by Naomi Wolf states that by using attractive women you can sell more magazines because women buying it aspire to be like them and men like to look at them. This particular photo of Alicia Keys is very sexual, the parted lips and inviting smile draw the reader in. Also the fact that she is wearing minimal clothing gives off the sexy vibe. Although part of the magazine name is hidden by the photo it is still clear which magazine it is, this is a common look for magazines to have the picture over the top of the title. The hooks for the stories inside are justified down each side to keep the cover looking tidy. Its a common convention of magazines to put information about whats inside on the cover so that the audience will want to buy it. Blender, like NME only uses three colours to keep it simple and make the text stand out.

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