Monday, 2 May 2011

How effective is the combination of your main products and ancillary tasks?

I feel that the combination of my main product and ancillary tasks is very effective because the print work reflects the stereotypical horror mis-en-scene of my trailer.

Just as real media companies would I created a promotional poster to advertise the trailer. I also desinged a front cover for a film magazine with our infliction trailer as the main feature.

I think that they look like authentic media products becuase they have the following conventions:

Other ways media companies promote their films include:

-TV adverts
-Screening the trailer before major films at the cinema
-Billboard posters
-Interviews with the cast both in magazines and on TV
-Viral marketing on sites such as You Tube and social networks like Face book and Twiitter

As i did not have access to all of these outlets I decided the best way to promote my product would be to post it on my blog. In doing this I have given my work the potential to be viewed on a global scale and also means that my target audiene have the opportunity to post feedback on my blog, making them prosumers.

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