Monday, 2 May 2011

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

Audience feedback is essential in the making of a media product in order to see if your product is going to be well recieved. One way in which real media companies gather audience feedback is to hold a screening of the product, so we decided to do the same. We held a screening of our trailer to a group of around 50 of our target audience,and asked a sample of them to fill in questionnaires as well as filming peoples responses.
This is the footage from the screening:

This is the questionnaire that we handed out at the screening. Questions 1-7 are the generic questions that all of us in the group want the answers to. Question 8 is a question that I asked to get feedback on my role. Each group member had a different question to ask that related to their role within the film making process.

We chose to use open and closed questions so that we could get a wide range of responses. The closed questions allowed us to collect quantitve data which we could use to make pie charts to show the results. With the open questions it gave the audience a chance to give a more detailed opinion.

These are the pie chats to show the results from the closed questions in the questionnaire:

Here are just some of the responses from the open questions:

How could the trailer be improved?

"You could give a little bit more away so that the plot is easier to follow without giving too much away."

"Not to have as much narrative at the beggining get straight into the action."

Did the trailer make sense without giving too much away?

"Yes it was just the right balance it didnt give too much away but you could still understand what was going on."

"There were parts that confused me slightly but on a whole it was very good becuase a trailer isnt supposed to make complete sense anyway."

Overall I think that holding the screening to get our audience feedback was very beneficial becuase it gave us a good idea about what the target group thought about our trailer and allowed us to make any adjustments neccissary to improve it.

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