Thursday, 26 November 2009

Contents Page

First Draft
This is the first draft of my contents page.
-I have continued the colour scheme from the rest of my magazine as this is a common convention in the industry.
-I have put hooks for some of the main stories down the side of the contents to draw the reader in.
-The boxes around the photos just emphasize the images and make them stand out more. They also tie in with the rest of the colour scheme.

-The bottom half of the page is headed with subsections for different parts of the magazine. Each heading has some of the magazines pages underneath with information on them.

- I decided to spilt it up into sections because this is what other successful music magazines such as NME do to make it easier for the reader to find the feature they are looking for.

-When I have finished my front cover I will put a shrunken down image of it at the top of the page to annotate the stories on the front cover. I feel that this is something a little bit different and will look visually attractive to draw the reader in.

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