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Miss-Fits Interview

Hot new girl band Miss-Fits talks about their rise to fame, life before, and, of course, their amazing debut single. Chloe, Lauren and Rachael may have only been on the scene for a few months but this talented trio are already topping the charts. The girls won our hearts on the hit TV show ‘Make Us A Super Group’ back in August with their angelic voices and even more heavenly bodies. However life hasn’t always been so sweet for the girls. We finally managed to catch up with them and this is what they had to say.

Throughout the show we learned a lot about your tough upbringing, was life really that hard?
Rachael: My mum killed herself was I was just five years old and I never knew who my dad was this clearly was devastating for me and I honestly don’t know how I would have coped if it wasn’t for these girls and their lovely families. Lauren’s mum took me in shortly after the death and raised me as one of her own, for that I am eternally grateful.
Lauren: We certainly didn’t have it easy. Growing up on a rough council estate in Newcastle constantly being told that we would amount to nothing was so difficult to hear. And with so much negative activity going on around us sometimes we thought people were right but we never gave up and that is why we are where we are today.
Chloe: Before we went on ‘Make Us A Super Group’ we tried again and again to get recognised in the business. When we were 16 we saw an advert in the local paper for a manager looking for some new recording artists. He wanted an initial fee of £500 just for us to meet him and record a demo. We were so excited about it and held loads of events to raise the money. Eventually we had enough and trekked down to his studio in Sunderland; only to find when we arrived that he was a pervy fella who wanted us to dance virtually naked in a low budget music video. Looking back we were pretty na├»ve to even go there but lucky we managed to get out straight away even if it was £500 poorer.

Had any else like this happened to you trying to break into the music world?
Lauren: Unfortunately it has. Not long after the first incident we went for an audition for a record label down in London. When we got there everyone else was really experienced stage school singer with their state of the art education and expensive clothes. Then there was us in our Primark gear and the only experience we had was singing in local pubs at parties. We went into the room and as soon as the producer set eyes on us he just started to laugh. He then went on to tell us that we good looking girls but were too common for his record label and should think about perusing a career in something more on our level like pole dancing. I honestly couldn’t believe what he was saying to us, we were absolutely disgusted.

That is terrible but at least now all of that is behind you. I bet it’s been manic since winning the show how does it feel to be superstars?
(giggles) I would hardly call us superstars but you’re right, it has been mad whenever we’re out, just shopping and stuff people come up to us in the street and are like, “OMG you’re Miss-Fits. Can I have your autograph?” It’s so weird because we still think of ourselves as normal girls from Newcastle- I guess that’s going to take a little while to get used to.
Lauren: Chloe’s right but it is really fun to be noticed though.

Miss-Fits is a really cool name which one of you came up with it?
It was actually Chloe’s big sister Hannah who thought of it. When we were younger and just messing around we used to have loads of ridiculous names, but when decided to get serious we had to think of something good. We spent ages trying to think yet nothing seemed right. Hannah had been out with friends and when she came in she was so excited; she was “You are going to love me! I’ve thought of the perfect band name.” Miss-Fits it’s good because we’re un-conventional in that we don’t really have the same tastes and also because, and this is not meant to sound big headed ‘coz we so aren’t, but it’s supposed to show that we are three ‘fit’ girls.

You guys are really close; do you have any bad habits?
OMG Rachael is the messiest person I have ever met, during the show we shared a room in the contestant’s house and you couldn’t even see the floor for all of the junk.
Rachael: That’s not true it wasn’t mess ‘coz I knew where everything was.
(They all laugh)
Lauren: It’s not really a bad habit but Chloe is so ditsy. Rachael once asked us if we would do a triathlon with her for charity so we both said yes. Chloe got really excited but it turned out she thought we doing a three legged race! I’m sure she should have been blonde.

Wow Chloe that’s, um, impressive. Is there anything else stupid that she’s done?
I really don’t think you guys need to know that.
Lauren: Actually it’s true if we were to tell you all the stupid things she’s done we would be hear all day.

Okay lets talk about you’re debut single ‘Love is not enough’ it went straight to number one when it came out last month how did that feel?
Rachael: It was so amazing we were actually travelling down the A1 at the time in the car when we heard them announce it on the radio. Lauren was driving; we all got so excited that we had to pull over into the lay by. As soon as we stopped we all got out our phones to ring our mum’s to see if they had heard they news. They of course had and were screaming down the phone at pitches only dogs could hear. (Laughing)

Did you do anything special to celebrate?

Chloe: We had a huge party with all of our close family and friends at my uncle’s bar in Newcastle. It was so much fun. We also went to a red carpet event in London and met loads of celebrities.

You’ll be partying with celebrities all of the time now. You’re all stunning girls, is there any room in your lives for sexy celebrity boyfriends?
Lauren: Well Chloe already has a boyfriend but Rachael and me are both single at the moment.

Chloe how long have you been with your boyfriend?
It’s coming up to three years now and we’ve never been happier. (Grinning broadly)

Aw how sweet. What about you girls if you could date any celebrity who would it be?
You’re going to make me sound really childish hear but, I love Aston from JLS we met the boys last week at a party and I thought I was going to pass out when he hugged me.
Rachael: I don’t really know if I’m being honest.
Chloe: That is the biggest lie I have ever heard, she is obsessed with Peter Andre ever since she saw him on I’m A Celebrity.
Rachael: (shoving Chloe in the arm) Thanks Chloe I actually think I hate you now.

I’m sure I could put in a good word with Pete for you after all he is a single man now. Your first tour starts in December are you excited?
Lauren: It’s our first tour with us as the main headlining act but we have already been on tour with the rest of the guys from the show. It was absolutely brilliant. I mean we performed in front of an audience in the live stages of the show but nothing compared to the buzz we got from performing in our own town to over 50,000 people at the metro radio arena.
Rachael: December is going to be such a busy month but we can’t wait to be performing. At the minute it’s all still pretty hectic trying to get everything ready and we’re all nervous ‘coz we want it to be brilliant but I’m sure as soon as we get out there on the stage all of the nerves will disappear and we will just enjoy it.
Is there going to be a supporting act on tour with you?
Chloe: Yeah there is and they are absolutely amazing but you’ll have to come along to one of our shows to find out who it is.

What about your album what is it called and when can we buy it?
Rachael: The album ‘Taking Control’ is out on the 25th of November. It has loads of cover songs we sang on the show as well as an exclusive collaboration with a phenomenal solo artist. And of course our number one single ‘Love is not enough.’

A collaboration with a solo artist can you give us any clues as to who it is?
No you’ll just have to wait and see when the album comes out. What I will say is that we were so honoured to work with this person and it is by far the best thing we have done yet.

You can see exclusive clips from our live interview with the girls, as well as all of their tour dates at

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