Thursday, 26 November 2009

Feature Article

This is the final draft of my feature article. I have altered the main photo by changing the brightness. This gives their skin a healthy glow which I think makes them look happier. Adding effects such as drop and inner shadow to the title quote of the article allows it stand out more and make it appear like it is raised on the page.I chose to use a white text on a pink background because the colours compliment each other but, at the same time don’t blend too much so that the text cannot be easily read. The font I have used is a simple Arial to make it easy to read. Originally I had the text at size 12 but I decided to change it to 10 in order to fit the full story. In my first draft all of the text was white and the only way to distinguish between question and answer was that the question was in bold. However I felt that this did not give a clear enough indication between the two and that is why I changed the questions to black and put them in italics. Also even though the article only had to be a double page spread I opted to add a third page so that more photos could be used and the so that the text could be layed out in a more attractive manner. A common convention of a magazine article is to have quotes from the piece in larger text, near the corresponding answer to tell the reader a little bit about what they can expect to read without going into any great detail. I have done this as i feel it is an effective way to get your audience to read the article.

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